Florida Coastal Outdoor Lighting’s Service Program

At Florida Coastal Outdoor Lighting, our specialists are proud to provide only the best services to our customers.  We guarantee high-quality services, no matter how long ago we may have installed your lighting.  Check out our our Service Program for more information on our services and various options!

Our Program Features

As part of our Service Program, our professionals will inspect your systems bulbs based on your warranty plan and type.  We make thorough inspections of your entire system and setup, including transformers, photocells, and timers.  Additionally, we clean dirt, debris, and minerals that may dim your lights over time.  No matter how your landscape grows or changes, Florida Coastal will adjust and realign your lighting to ensure that your property continues to look beautiful!

Florida Coastal’s Service Program Benefits:

  • Warranty bulb replacement

    No charge to replace warranty bulbs as a member.

  • Landscape changes, Services don’t

    Even if your landscape changes, we are committed to keeping your lighting system looking as great as when it was first installed!

  • Simple and Easy

    No worries about keeping track of when your systems are due to be serviced, we’ll keep track for you.

  • Investment protection

    Routine maintenance is a great investment in general, ensuring that your systems are working properly.

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