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We are committed to providing our Tampa customers with bright and innovative custom outdoor lighting solutions that are both affordable and beautiful. Our LED landscape systems provide energy efficient lighting to commercial and residential clients throughout the Tampa Bay area for years to come.

Why Professionally Designed Outdoor Lighting For Your Tampa Home & Business?

At Florida Coastal Outdoor Lighting we offer a variety of services for homes and businesses throughout Tampa and beyond. Our captivating designs coupled with the best lighting systems on the market will enhance your property for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about our residential and commercial services, or are seeking general maintenance or repairs on your existing system, contact our lighting experts today!

  • Boost Your Curb Appeal

    Stunning Tampa landscape lighting naturally boosts your home’s curb appeal and perceived value by 20%.

  • Increase Safety

    Outdoor lighting provides increased safety by keeping dark walkways and areas well-lit throughout the night.

  • Additional Security

    Lighting for your business or home will provide additional security! Professionally designed outdoor lighting will naturally deter solicitors and discourage intruders from entering your property.

  • Tranquility

    A well-lit landscape offers a sense of peace and tranquility. Hire the right lighting professionals to bring the vision of your dream home to life.

  • Premier Lighting Systems

    We offer cutting-edge technology and functionality with our premier lighting systems. Learn more about our innovative Aluminum and Brass LED integrated landscape lighting. 

We Care About Quality and Service In Ways Our Competitors Don’t

Most other outdoor lighting companies use unreliable or cheap brands, but at Florida Coastal Outdoor Lighting, we install high-quality brands, such as Coastal Source, Lumien, and more!  As a Coastal Source certified dealer, we install marine-grade warranty products that are guaranteed to light up your Tampa property beautifully.

Looking for color-changing lights or something more specialized?  We install niche systems from dozens of different manufacturers.

Check out our Residential and Commercial services for more information about what we can do for you!

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