If you’re interested in a nice, quiet park in Hillsborough County, you should check out Paul Sanders Park in Brandon, Florida. This 4.7-acre park is home to the Brandon Tree Park and is named for the late Paul Sanders, a longtime Brandon resident. Sanders, who was 29 when he moved to Brandon, was instrumental in building E.F. McLane Stadium at Brandon High School, and he also brought Kathryn Koop to the area. A great post to read.

Paul Sanders Park is a 4.7 acre park

If you are looking for a great park in the Tampa Bay area, you should consider visiting Paul Sanders. This 4.7-acre park is a great spot to walk and run, and is surrounded by ample green spaces and seating areas. This park received a 4.5 rating from over 1200 customer reviews. If you have never visited the park, you may be surprised to learn that it is one of the top 20 parks in the area.

The park is named after the Brandon native. In 1989, he received the Brandon Chamber of Commerce’s Key Citizen Award. He was so committed to the community that he had the park named in his honor. During Brandon’s centennial celebration in 1990, he donated 100 crepe myrtles to the park, inspiring many others to plant trees throughout the city. Sanders also arranged birthday celebrations for community leaders and politicians. Sadly, Sanders passed away in 1991. Another exciting place to also visit is.

It is located in Hillsborough County

If you’re searching for a small park in Hillsborough County, consider Paul Sanders Park Brandon FL. This compact park features sheltered picnic tables, a playground, and walking trails. Visitors can also take advantage of the sheltered outdoor fireplace. Paul Sanders Park is one of the most popular parks in Hillsborough County. There are plenty of amenities at the park, which is also accessible by car. You can even rent a golf cart to explore the grounds of the park.

Paul Sanders Park is a county park located on West Bloomingdale Avenue in Brandon, FL. It’s near Kings Avenue. The park was recently renovated to replace most of the outdated playground equipment. The renovation will replace traditional swings with next-generation equipment to encourage kids to climb, run, and play. A new outdoor water fountain will also be installed. A security fence will surround the park, and additional parking and entrance areas will be added.

It is a moderate income neighborhood

The Paul Sanders Park neighborhood of Brandon FL is a moderate-income neighborhood, which means that residents of this area make above-average incomes. However, there are some differences between the neighborhood and other neighborhoods of the same type. For example, in Brandon, the median home price is about $164,000, which is about $300 higher than in Tampa. Nevertheless, residents can enjoy modest housing options in this area. Southwood Hills is a popular neighborhood in the city, which has mid-sized homes with median values of $192,000 and higher.

Residents of the Paul Sanders Park neighborhood speak a variety of languages. English is the primary language spoken at home by 66.6% of households, but other important languages are Spanish and Indian, Polish, and Arabic. A variety of immigrants have settled in this neighborhood, and many residents of the area are of Cuban, Irish, and British descent. The neighborhood has a moderate income level, and is a good place to live for anyone looking for a moderate income.

It has a 15.4% vacancy rate

The vacancy rate in Paul Sanders Park is high when compared to other neighborhoods in the U.S., and is above the average for 77.0% of American neighborhoods. This is because the majority of vacant housing is year-round. This could be a sign of weak demand for real estate in the area, or it may indicate that new housing has been built in the neighborhood. Either way, this is a great neighborhood to live in!

The neighborhood is ideal for families, as it offers excellent public schools, low crime rates, and owner-occupied single family homes. The neighborhood ranks in the top eight percent of family-friendly neighborhoods in the U.S., and there are plenty of other families in the area to socialize with. The local schools are also great, and many are state-accredited. If you’re looking to buy a house in this neighborhood, it’s a good idea to take a look at the vacancy rate first.

It is home to 18.0% of households run by single mothers

Hillsborough County has closed down Paul Sanders Park in Brandon, Florida. The park, located at 602 W. Bloomingdale Avenue, will be expanded to add new playground equipment and other play structures. The park’s mature oak trees provide a natural canopy. In addition to being a favorite of families and children, the park is a great place for picnics and birthday parties.

Located in the center of Brandon, Paul Sanders Park offers several features for families to enjoy. The park has a playground for little children, with fewer stairs than a larger play structure. This play structure includes a tree trunk climbing structure and small tree house. There are also stepping stones made out of tree trunks, which help kids improve their balance and coordination. A small telephone is located underneath the slide.

It has a Cuban and British ancestry population

The population of the Paul Sanders Park neighborhood is of mixed racial and ethnic heritage. The majority of the residents identify themselves as Italian, British, or German, while just over a quarter (25.7%) are Cuban or British. The neighborhood also contains a large Cuban population. For the most part, it is a fairly low-income neighborhood. With that said, there are some eminent people of color who live in the Paul Sanders Park neighborhood.

The real estate in the Paul Sanders Park neighborhood is predominantly large and medium-sized homes. A high percentage of these homes are owner-occupied. Most of the homes in this community are built between the 1970s and 1999, with some homes constructed in the 2000s. Because of this low vacancy rate, it is difficult to determine if the area is experiencing a real estate shortage or if there is an abundance of new construction. Check this out for next article.


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