Lithia Springs Park in Hillsborough County Offers Kayaking and Other Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

If you are planning a vacation in the Sunshine State, you should consider taking advantage of Lithia Springs Park in Hillsborough County. Lithia Springs Park is a city park that offers a campground and kayaking trails. The water is generally around 72 degrees year-round. This park has many activities for the whole family to enjoy, whether you are an avid sailor or a novice kayaker. Learn more by clicking here.

Lithia Springs Park is a city park

For a fun family day out, try a swim in Lithia Springs Regional Park. This city park is located in Hillsborough County and has water that is about 72 degrees year-round. It is also known for its seasonal swimming pool. Whether you’re looking for a quiet day or want to splash around in a big pool, this park has it all!

In the summer, cool off in the natural spring at Lithia Springs Park. Originally purchased by Gardinier, Inc., it eventually became Mosaic Phosphate, Inc., and then leased the park to Hillsborough County in 1957. The park is 160 acres in size, with trails and hardwood hammocks. Despite its small size, Lithia Springs Park offers a unique Florida experience. The water is 72 degrees year-round, so it is a perfect place for a swim or a cool down after a long day. There are also tennis courts and volleyball courts.

The park has been open for decades, and is a great spot to cool off during the summer. Until the recent pandemic, the park received 200,000 visitors annually. However, the park closed to swimming in April last year due to COVID-19 precautions. After a short closure, swimming at Lithia Springs Conservation Park resumed on Monday, May 3rd. Click here for additional info.

It is a nature preserve

If you love the outdoors and want to spend some time in a beautiful natural setting, consider taking a trip to Lithia Springs Park in Lithia FL. This 160-acre park offers hiking trails, fishing, canoeing, volleyball, and wildlife viewing. You can also camp a few miles north in Hillsborough River State Park. However, you will need to buy a wristband to access the park.

The water at Lithia Springs Park in Hillsborough County flows at 72 degrees all year. It flows out of two pools, one of which has a year-round spring. The water is colder than the rest of Florida, but this is no reason to stay away. You can visit the park during the day or stay overnight. The park is open from 8 am to 7 pm. You’ll need a valid photo ID to check in, so you can bring yours.

It has a kayaking trail

If you are a keen kayaker, you might consider visiting Lithia Springs Regional Park in Hillsborough County, Florida. The water at this park is 72 degrees year-round, making it the perfect place to spend your morning or afternoon. You can even bring your kayaks if you wish to kayak around the park. This park is a great place to learn how to kayak, if you are interested in pursuing this as a new hobby.

There are several spots to kayak in Lithia Springs Park. The 160-acre park has hiking trails, canoeing trails, volleyball, and wildlife viewing. There is even camping available in nearby Hillsborough River State Park, if you want to get out of town on your kayaking trip. If you don’t feel like kayaking, you can also go fishing at nearby Lake Lithia, a reservoir that’s known for its crystal-clear water.

It has a campground

If you are searching for a relaxing camping spot in the Florida Sunshine State, you might want to check out the campground in Lithia Springs Park. Lithia Springs Regional Park in Lithia is located in Hillsborough County. It features a year-round water temperature of 72 degrees. The water is a refreshing sight in the middle of the summer, and you can enjoy a nice swim year-round.

You can camp on either side of Lake Shelbyville, and this area is known for its fishing. The park has a boat ramp, and there are ponds around the lake with farmed fish. Hunting areas are close by, and are a good place to see deer, waterfowl, and woodcock. Lithia Springs is accessible from County Road 1500N. You may need a wristband to swim in the water, but you should be able to get one. See next blog post.


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