Located at 10940 McMullen Rd. in Riverview, Florida, Bell Creek Nature Preserve is a 477-acre preserve. Its many attractions include the Red Trail and Fishhawk Creek Preserve. It also offers night hikes and is accessible for those with disabilities. Read on for more information about this beautiful nature preserve. This article was written by a local Riverview resident who loves the outdoors. Check this out.

Red Trail

The Red Trail at Bell Creek Nature Preserve is a 477-acre trail located at 10940 McMullen Rd. in Riverview, Florida. The Red Trail is a popular hiking destination and is perfect for families and people looking to spend an afternoon exploring nature. Here, you’ll find an abundance of wildflowers, trees, and birdlife. To see all of these creatures, you’ll want to bring your camera.

The Red Trail at Bell Creek Nature Preserve is a four-mile trail with 9,500 steps. This trail passes through different habitats, including scrub habitat that’s home to endangered Florida golden aster. Other highlights include a new outdoor education classroom, habitat education garden, and lake for kayaking lessons. The nature preserve is open to the public. The Red Trail is rated as easy.

Fishhawk Creek Preserve

10940 McMullen Rd. in Riverview, Florida is home to the 477-acre Bell Creek Nature Preserve. Visitors can explore this natural preserve by car, bicycle, or foot. While there, you may also want to take the time to visit Fishhawk Creek, located near the nature preserve. This is a great way to see what nature has to offer while on a family vacation.

The 1.8-mile Fishhawk Creek Preserve trail loop winds through a mesic oak habitat, interspersed with pine trees. The trail returns to the trailhead in 1.8 miles, and the 2.8-mile loop offers glimpses of Florida’s endangered habitats. A nature center offers guided tours and educational programs, and there are also kayaking lessons and an outdoor classroom.

If you want to go on a nature adventure, the Hillsborough County Parks & Recreation office sponsors the 2022 Hiking Spree. To participate, you must hike eight designated trails within the Hillsborough County park system. The trails at the park are open from sunrise to sunset. They are free to use and are open to the public all day. The trails are open every day. Click here for another place to visit.

Night hikes

If you are interested in night hikes, then you may want to check out the 477-acre nature preserve at 10940 McMullen Road in Riverview, Florida. It has trails for everyone and is a great place to view animals, as well as observe the night sky. To learn more about the nature preserve and how to enjoy it, read below! We’ll cover the basics of night hiking in the preserve.

If you’re new to night hiking, try one of the many available at Bell Creek Nature Preserve. You can hike a few miles in the woods, or explore the wetlands and streams at night. During the summer months, you can spend the night in the preserve by setting up a tent and listening to the sounds of nature. The park is open year-round, and you’ll be able to experience different sceneries on any given night.


10940 McMullen Rd. in Riverview, Florida, is a 477-acre nature preserve. Accessibility for individuals with physical limitations is a top priority here. To make your visit even more enjoyable, check out the following list of accessible features. Read on for more information! Listed below are some of the top features at Bell Creek Nature Preserve Riverview FL.

The Bell Creek Nature Preserve features a variety of trails that are easy to navigate. The trails are great for people of all ages and abilities and offer great photo opportunities. In addition to Bell Creek, there are Balm-Boyette Scrub & Triple Creek Nature Preserves in south Hillsborough County. These preserves offer great hiking and camping opportunities for those with disabilities.

Those with physical limitations can enjoy a quiet nature environment at the Bell Creek Nature Preserve. The preserve is open to the public during daylight hours, which makes it ideal for disabled visitors. Guests can hike or bike along the preserve’s paths and explore different habitats. You can enjoy the nature preserve while meeting new people, or plan a date – there is something for everyone! And if you’re not an individual with physical limitations, you’ll never be alone! Next article.


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